Stealth Card Technology

Stealth Card Technology


Smart cards contain an integrated circuit that connects to a reader either through direct physical contact, or with a remote contactless frequency interface, i.e. Tap- and-Go cards. The technology behind these cards are governed by EMV and adhere to ISO/IEC standards.

Due to this standardization, Stealth Card is able to target effectively ALL the vulnerabilities known to sophisticated electronic pickpockets and prevent data theft using the Company’s proprietary and patent-pending technology.






Stealth Card combats illegal scans or skims by generating an electromagnetic shield to provide a preemptive solution via its proprietary technology, PowerGrid. 

On the reverse side of every Stealth Card is the PowerGrid. PowerGrid contains a unique compound of precious metals and an antenna design, which works by creating an electromagnetic field similar to a Faraday cage. PowerGrid is powered using incidental radio waves in the atmosphere thus requiring no batteries to operate.




Stealth Card’s PowerGrid targets the radio frequency used by the smart cards, by blocking both incoming and outgoing radio waves, rendering the chip undetectable to electronic pickpockets. Any smart card that is within Stealth Card’s sphere of influence will be blocked from responding to a skim query as well as broadcasting the smart card’s data.

Since Stealth Card only targets a specific radio frequency, other radio frequencies used by mobile phones, bluetooth, and other wireless technologies are not affected.



Stealth Card is designed to fit easily into any wallet or purse. It measures 85.60 x 53.98 mm (3.370 x 2.125 in) and is only 0.007mm thick.

Stealth Card is made from a plastic polymer that is extremely durable and almost indestructible.