How Stealth Card Works


Stealth Card works by drawing atmospheric energy to actively power itself to create an electromagnetic shield. This shield is radio frequency specific, targeting only the 13.56 Mhz, which is the frequency used by the smart chips. Similar to a Faraday Cage, this electromagnetic shield blocks incoming and outgoing radio waves on the 13.56 Mhz, rendering the personal data stored on your credit card chip invisible. 

Simply place one Stealth Card together with your credit cards in the wallet, and your personal data will be safe. 


Stealth Card Validation & Certification


Stealth Card has been lab-tested and validated internally by Home Shopping Network (HSN), who introduced and sold the product on their network in June 2015.

Stealth Card has been tested and certified independently by The Center for Applied Research & Technology (CART) to successfully prevent RFID-chipped credit cards from being read.

“The product was successful in blocking RFID-chipped cards from being read 100 percent of the time when utilized in its intended orientation with commercially available equipment in normal operation. A single product was able to protect up to 12 cards when used in its intended orientation…” 

Stealth Card has also been tested by MET Labs in May 2016 which further validated its effectiveness.

“The 13.56 MHz ISO 14443 Smart card was not able to be read when the Stealth Card was placed underneath or on top of it. Therefore, these stealth cards effectively block 13.56 MHz RFID scans thereby preventing identity thieves from stealing information from RF-enabled smart cards.”