Are there any health threats associated with the Stealth Card?

None whatsoever.The Stealth Card has been subjected to a rigorous examination. The card has been clinically tested and laboratory certified. The results, No health threat.

Is the Stealth Card some new and "gimmicky" product to come to market?

Not at all!! Actually the technology, or as we like to refer to it as, our"secret sauce" is directly derived from and is also used by the military. The research and development intrinsic to the evolution of the Stealth Card( RFID technology) has occurred over decades. The engineering, and scientific team responsible for the creation of the Stealth Card were in fact the original engineers that help create RFID technology.

The ultimate testimonial to the effectiveness and success of our card is its validation by our customers. Over the past year we have sold several hundred thousands of cards to the public.
The efficacy of the Stealth has been further confirmed by an independent and nationally recognized laboratory.

Additionally we provide a warranty on each card guarantying our cards effectiveness .

What is "Electronic Pickpocketing" and how does it impact me?

Electronic pickpocketing represents a clear and present danger to anyone of us that carries a chipped credit card in their purse, wallet or pocket.

As mandated by Federal law all credit cards MUST BE CHIPPED! Effective October 15th 2015 every credit issued moving forward must be chip. If you have a credit card with a magnetic strip your issuer will be obligated to reissue a new chipped card.
Though there are some some security benefits. As well as an increase in transaction velocity at the point of sale for retailers. The risk to the individual card holder may exceed these few benefits
What is occurring in the US now that credit cards are being chipped is what  has been occurring almost at epidemic levels in Australia, and Europe where credit cards were first chipped several years ago.
Credit card holders pertinent info, such card numbers, pins, transactions and codes  are  being pirated without the card holder even knowing.
Most often this occurs when a "electronic thief" converts a simple cellphone into an electronic scanner.
He than gets close enough to the victim and downloads all the necessary info off the credit card to clone it. Thus this thief now has unlimited access to both the victim's identity and credit.
The thief is able to get close enough without the individual even realizing they've been a victim of a crime.
The thief doesn't need to have the cellphone scanner visible . The scanning device is effective regardless if the thief has it in his pocket or briefcase. Nor does the thief have to be pressed up against the victim to have the scanner work. 
All the thief needs to in order to succeed in his quest to steal your most personal info is be close to you!!
There have been several national news and media outlets ranging from Fox News, Good Morning America to Lou Dobbs  that have sounded the warning regarding this looming personal security epidemic.

Are there other products available that are similar to Stealth?

Candidly no! This is not a empty or  presumptuous claim. Frankly, nor is it even a claim but simple fact!
There is no other product currently on the market that has the level of RIFD sensitive technology imbedded in it to the extent of the Stealth Card. 
This technology, unique to the Stealth Card,  along with our portfolio of patents distinguishes us from any of the competition.

How do I use the Stealth Card?

You simply place a Stealth Card in your wallet, pocket, change purse or anywhere you carry your credit cards. One card can protect up to 12 cards in your wallet. The card can be physically placed anywhere in your wallet or pocket. It does not need to be in the front or back of your wallet. The Stealth Card provides effective protection regardless of where its placed in relation to your credit cards.

Will the Stealth Card interfere with the operation of my cellphone?

No. Stealth card operates on a different radio frequency from your cellphone's. 

Will the Stealth Card interfere with the operation of any personal medical devices?

No. Stealth card targets a specific radio frequency that is relevant only to RFID chips. 

Where is Stealth card manufactured?

From our laboratory and research/development facility in West Virginia to our manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, Stealth is 100% an American product.