How to Stay Informed About Attacks on Your Financial Security

February 18, 2015

There are a lot of thieves out there just waiting to take advantage of unwary people. Some of the worst thieves seem to be the nicest people. Making reasonable requests, asking for little favors, and posing harmless questions are common strategies for scammers. Every time new technology is developed or new shopping trends take hold, there will be criminals waiting to take advantage of people. There are several ways that you can stay up to date on the latest scams that people are using to exploit others. This information can help keep yourself and your family safe from criminals.

Look to Respected Sources for Information

There are several reputable watch organizations that help people protect themselves from fraud. Websites ending with .gov are going to be reliable sources of information and will back up their recommendations with statistics and other hard data. There are websites run by the Federal government and numerous online resources run by state and municipal governments, too. Many of these local sites have information directly relevant to the populations being served. An online search engine can direct you to resources serving your community.

Consumer advocacy groups are other good sources of information though many of these agencies focus on issues such as product recalls and so do not have the most up-to-date information available. Nonetheless, you may still find some helpful information on these sites. A website that requires you to pay money for a newsletter informing you about the latest security threats is probably not going to be very informative. Real, timely information can be easily located from other resources for free.

Take a Look at Business News Sections

Even people who are proactive about their financial security tend to rely on general news sources for information regarding developing threats. Frequently this information is not covered by general news sources or these stories are given only a little space. This is why taking a look at respected sources of business news is so helpful. The business world pays close attention to developing security threats; you can find stories written for business professionals as well as general consumers. Look for keywords such as:

  • Electronic security flaw
  • Payment card breach
  • Hackers
  • Online scam
  • Electronic theft
  • RFID card theft
  • Financial security vulnerability

Stories with headlines that include these and similar key words are likely to cover financial security incidents that you need to be aware of. These stories will frequently tell you how you can protect yourself, too.

When to Get Worried

Many people forward email notices and social media posts regarding personal financial security and information about how to avoid scams. Not all of these notices are accurate; you might be worried over a false rumor. You can check these stories against more authoritative sources like those listed above. RFID chips are one topic of conversation that has a lot of people worried about their personal information. Your payment cards with RFID chips can be easily protected with the Stealth Card, a card-shaped item that blocks illegal scanners. Your financial information is easily protected.

Keep your financial information safe by keeping up to date on developing problems and double checking the stories that other people share. Use a Stealth Card to block RFID scanners and feel confident about the integrity of your information.